Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 10:58pm




Wednesday, 18th May 2022
New Website


The Club is currently trialling a new website - we'll let you all know when it is up and running and give everyone details of how to access it.

In the meantime. notices will be posted on here as usual.

Tuesday, 17th May 2022
The Joyce Allard Trophy

The winners of The Joyce Allard trophy competition, held on Monday 16th May,  were Peter Smith, Mark Lewis, Liz Brown and Morris Brown.  Congratulations and well done to you all.

Friday, 6th May 2022
Support for Ukraine

On Saturday 28th May the club will hold a Bridge event in support of the relief fund for Ukraine.  The session will begin at 2.00pm and there will be a total of 24 boards.  Cakes, tea/coffee will be served at the interval and you will have a chance of winning some lovely prizes in the raffle!!  The fee will be £5, but you are very welcome to contribute more if you wish.  All proceeds will be sent to a Ukraine relief fund.   If you would like to make a cake or donate a raffle prize for the event, please contact Susan Hoyle who will be delighted to hear from you.  

Thursday, 14th April 2022

Congratulations to Sandra Andrews and Louise Armitage who won the Haslock Trophy on Wednesday 13th April.  Second were Morris Brown and John Lomas.  Well done both pairs.

Saturday, 9th April 2022
Recent EBU Promotions

Congratulations to the following two Bradford members on their recent EBU promotions.


Norma Bennett       District Master


Sandra Andrews     3 *  Master


Well done to both

Tuesday, 22nd March 2022

This event was held on Monday 21st March and many congratulations go to Peter Smith, Norma Bennett, Vicki Bullock and Pat McGrellis  who won after handicap.  Very well played - a great result!

Thursday, 17th March 2022
Club Championship Handicap Teams

On Monday 21st March the club will be holding the Championship Handicap Teams event. All members are encouraged to enter and your support will be very welcome.

Thursday, 17th March 2022

Congratulations to Peter Franks and Lauri Andrews who were the winners of the Men's competition with 60%. Second were George Bak and Stuart Davies.

More Congratulations go to Georgina Wooler and Margaret Andrews who won the the Ladies competition with 58.57%. In joint second place were Susan Hoyle with Elaine Van Heel and Louise Armitage with Sandra Andrews..

Well done all pairs!

Friday, 11th March 2022
Club Championship Pairs Events

On Wednesday 16th March, the club will be holding the Men's pairs and Ladies Pairs Club Championships.   Mixed pairs may play without standing.  Please come and support these events if you possibly can.

Sunday, 27th February 2022
John Dickson's Funeral



John's funeral will be  held at Nab Wood on Thursday March 10th at 10.10 a.m.

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022
John Dickson Obituary


John Maitland Dickson, 02-09-1950 to 18-02-2022.


John was born in Glasgow and grew up there. He moved to Bradford after university in 1973 and that was when he joined Bradford Bridge club. He worked at that time for the Yorkshire Water authority on engineering projects and spent a year in Qatar whilst in their employ. In the late 70s he left to start work in computers, where he worked until his retirement in 2010. He wrote the first scoring system for the club in 1987 which lasted until 1998, and he was instrumental in providing a web site for the club which is still in use today.


John was the club Chairman for 16 years between 1993 and 2009. During that time, one of his many achievements for the Club was to instigate publication of the club magazine, “The Kibbitzer”. He produced this once every two months or so for about 15 years.


He met his wife Pauline in 1985 and they moved in together to live in Roundwood in 1988 where he lived for the remainder of his life. He and Pauline married in 2003 to make their union official.


He played regularly in the Bradford A team in the Yorkshire league and was a member of the winning team on several occasions and he also played for Yorkshire on several occasions with partners Graham Cheater, Chris Wilding, and Stuart Davies.


He was always a regular on Friday evenings before the club decided it could not sustain a Friday drive.


John made national news during one Yorkshire League match. He was playing with me and we had just reached a contract of 6H which he was playing. The lead was made and I put down the dummy. Then waited for him to play a card from dummy. After a minute or so, I could see him turning white and I asked him if he was OK. “My hip’s slipped” was his answer (he had had an artificial hip since shortly after returning from Qatar). Fortunately we had Victor Roman playing that day, and he was an orthopaedic consultant. So we cleared one of the trestle tables which had had the food on it for the half time break, which had just gone, and a few of us helped John onto this. He knew what to do, just didn’t have the strength to do it himself. Anyway, Victor yanked at one of his legs. No says John. So he had another go. No says John. So Victor tried the other leg. Yep, that’s it says John and he promptly got up and went back to the table to play his contract. Which he made by the way. This was reported in the Sunday Telegraph and a few other papers the following week.


John will be sadly missed by everybody who knew him.


Stuart Davies

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022
Club Championship Men's Teams and Ladies Teams

The winners of the Men's Team  2022 are George Bak, Stuart Davies, Mark Armitage and Steve Blackburn and the winning Ladies 2022 are Susan Hoyle, Pat Benson, Madeleine Newby and Elaine Van Heel. Well done and Congratulations to all.

Monday, 21st February 2022
Men's Teams and Ladies Teams Club Championships

On Monday 21st February the club will be holding both the Men's Team Championship and the Ladies Team Championship competitions.  Could you form a team?  Your support will be much appreciated.

Saturday, 19th February 2022
John Dickson


With much regret indeed we have to tell you that John Dickson, both a former Chairman and Vice-President, died on 18th February 2022, after a long illness.


An obituary will be put onto the website soon.

Thursday, 17th February 2022
Winners of the Flitch

Congratulations to Louise and Mark Armitage who won the Flitch competition on Wednesday 16th February with 61.11%.

A close second were Margaret and Lauri Andrews with 59.26%.  Well done both pairs.

Friday, 11th February 2022
Betty Bowdery

Members will be really sorry to hear that Betty Bowdery has died.  We send our condolences to her family.  Betty's funeral will at Nab Wood on March 1st at 2.30pm and everyone is invited to meet afterwards at Baildon Rugby Club

Sunday, 6th February 2022
Barbara Cross News

This is to let everyone know that member Barbara Cross has had some heart problems  including surgery and she is going to be moving to near Stratford-on-Avon where where she will be close to her family.


Although the move is imminent, at the moment Barbara  is still at Thompson Court Resource Centre in Cross Flatts.   If you are able to visit this is allowed if you give notice - subject to any Covid regulations of course!


We wish Barbara all the best and shall miss her at the Club.

Thursday, 3rd February 2022
The Flitch Competition

On Wednesday 16th February, the club will be holding the Flitch competition.  This is a mixed pairs event for married couples, one of whom is a member of the club. However, all other pairs may enter without standing.

Saturday, 29th January 2022
The Joan Aspland Shield Competition


The Joan Aspland Shield competition was held after the A.G.M.on Saturday 29th January.

  Fifteen pairs took part and congratulations go to Elspeth Allcock and Alan Chadwick who were the winners after handicap.

In second place were Pauline and John Middleton, followed by Pat Benson and Jane Hitchen.

Well done all three pairs!

Thursday, 13th January 2022
AGM and the Joan Aspland Shield


This year's A.G.M. will take place in the Clubhouse on Saturday January 29th and it has been decided to run this year's Joan Aspland competition after the meeting.  Only 20 boards will be played and, all being well, the drive should finish by 5.30pm.


We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to come to the A. G. M.  and stay on to support this event.

Monday, 20th December 2021
23rd and 30th December. Evening Drives

Just to make sure everyone knows.....there will not be an evening drive this Thursday (23rd) - nor next week (30th). However  the afternoon drives will still be going ahead on both those days.


Back to normal Thursday evening drives on January 6th!

Wednesday, 15th December 2021
Mixed Pairs Championship

Congratulations to Sue Pell and George Bak who have won the Mixed Pairs Championship with 61.46%.

Runners up were Georgina Wooler and Alan Jarvis followed by Margaret and Lauri Andrews in third place.

Well done, Sue and George!

Tuesday, 14th December 2021
Christmas Party December 22nd

The Xmas celebration will be going ahead on December 22 as planned. starting at 6.00pm.   Looking at the regs it is acceptable not to wear masks where the main event is the consumption of food. However, we will then have to don masks for the bridge drive.



Friday, 10th December 2021
Face Masks

The EBU has put the  following notice on it's website:-

"Covid-19 Update: Updated Rules on Face Coverings

December 9, 2021

In light of the recent update from the UK Government (8th Dec) we would recommend that clubs playing face-to-face follow these guidelines:

The government has announced that England will move to Plan B in response to the risks of the Omicron variant.

From Friday 10 December the public, and staff in public facing areas, are required to wear face coverings in these additional settings:

  • community centres (including village halls), youth centres, members clubs and social clubs"

In view of this all players in our Club sessions should wear masks while on the Club premises unless they are medically exempt.

Thursday, 9th December 2021
Masterpoint Promotion



Alistair Copeland and Georgina Wooler, who have both been promoted to be  

3 Star Premier Masters.


Also to Vicki Bullock, Pat McGrellis and Ray Hambling, who are now      

Local Masters.


Well done!

Friday, 26th November 2021
Christmas Celebration

If you are hoping to come to the Christmas Celebration (nibbles and drinks) on December 22nd, please will you put your name on the list by the coffee bar.  We just need some idea of how many may be coming - for 'catering' purposes!


We'll start at 6 - and finish in time to run a normal duplicate bridge drive.