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Evening Drives


There is a Host System operating for Monday and Wednesday evening sessions and for the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon drives. So even if you do not have a partner you can still come along and be sure of a game on these occasions.


The host system does not operate on week 3 Mondays, this being a teams night.


If you would be willing to volunteer for a place on the host rota please speak to Jessie Dent (Mondays), Ray Foster (Tuesdays and Thursdays) or Susan Hoyle (Wednesdays) or leave a message for them at the bar.

Next hosts:
Monday, 21st January 2019
Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
Ray Foster
Wednesday, 23rd January 2019
Pat Benson​​​​​​
Thursday, 24th January 2019
Ray Foster
Monday, 28th January 2019
Jacqui Hutchinson


Tue & Thu Afternoons.

Mon, Wed & Thu Evenings.



A list of Club keyholders can be viewed via the link in the members lounge.


The Club Privacy Statement can be viewed here and in the Members Lounge

Latest Club News

Club Subscriptions 2019

Annual subscriptions are due at the beginning of January each year. Members who pay by Direct Debit will have theirs collected on 25 January.
Other members should let David Donaldson have a cheque payable to Bradford Bridge Club, or cash, as soon as possble. The rate is £30.00 for full membership and £12.50 for Daytime only membership. If David is not at the club when you want to pay, please fill in one of the name slips on the bar, and leave it and your payment in one of the plastic bags provided with the TD, as he collects the table money.  Many thanks.

Evening League Pro-Am

After four rounds team Andrews L have kept their lead but the margin is now down to 4VP.


All the match results and the league positions can be viewed here.

Yorkshire League Round 4

The fourth round of the Yorkshire League was played on Sunday 6th January.  The results for our Club were as follows:-


Bradford A   

Ilkley A

Lost 9-11

Bradford B

Leeds D

Lost 3-17

Bradford C

Garforth B

Drew 10-10

Bradford D

Halifax C

Won 15-5

Bradford E

Ripon B

Won 17-3


Well done to the D and E teams who both won by a good margin.  The final result for the C team was  +2 IMPs in their favour - which in VPs counts as  a draw  -  and, although  the  A team lost in the final round, their match was very close.. 

Many thanks to all who played..

The next match will be  on 27thJanuary.

The 2019 Hundred Club

The book for the 2019 Hundred Club is now open and Morris Brown is collecting subscriptions.  Approximately half the money  is returned to members through a weekly draw and the rest goes to the Bridge Club.  The money raised in this way last year was used to buy our new chairs.


Everyone is welcome to join and, if you wish to do so, please let Morris know, either by contacting him directly or by leaving a note behind the bar. The subscription is £10 for the year.

Next Year's Committee

Ours is a great Club and it’s really interesting to have some say in the way  it is run and to be in a position to help  decide how it develops. If you would like to be a part of this we'd love to have you on the Club  Committee  - so please don't hesitate to put your name forward before the AGM on 26th January  If you want to know more about the role you can discuss it with Susan, Mark or any of the current Committee members. 

Special Dates Coming Up

Saturday 26th January
Afternoon : Annual General Meeting and Prize Presentation (2:00pm) Followed by Free Match Pointed Pairs until 5:30pm approx.

Sunday 27th January
YCBA Inter-City League - Match 5 (2:00pm)

Wednesday 30th January
Evening : Jackpot Match Pointed Pairs - Round 8

Tuesday 5th February
Evening : Pro-Am Evening League - Match 5

Monday 11th February
Evening : Jackpot Match Pointed Pairs - Round 9

Are You Studying in Bradford?

How about an evening away from the textbooks while still exercising your intellect with a game of Bridge?


You don't play? We could teach you.


Students are welcome in the club and you would benefit from a discounted table fee.


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