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Evening Drives


There is a Host System operating for Monday and Wednesday evening sessions and for the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon drives. So even if you do not have a partner you can still come along and be sure of a game on these occasions.


The host system does not operate on week 3 Mondays, this being a teams night.


If you would be willing to volunteer for a place on the host rota please speak to Jessie Dent (Mondays), Ray Foster (Tuesdays and Thursdays) or Susan Hoyle (Wednesdays) or leave a message for them at the bar.

Next hosts:
Monday, 9th December 2019
Ray Foster
Tuesday, 10th December 2019
Ray Foster
Wednesday, 11th December 2019
Tom Lyons
Thursday, 12th December 2019
Ray Foster
Monday, 16th December 2019


Tue & Thu Afternoons.

Mon, Wed & Thu Evenings.



A list of Club keyholders can be viewed via the link in the members lounge.


The Club Privacy Statement can be viewed here and in the Members Lounge

Latest Club News

Bradford Member's Great Success in San Francisco

Gill Copeland,  with son Tom, has been playing in the National American Bridge Congress in San Francisco with resounding success.  There were about 1,000 tables in play each day and many different events with Gill and Tom coming first out of 385 players in the  final they were competing in on December 1st.    

It's great to know that Bradford players can do so well in a national congress in another country!!  

News about Margaret Brayshaw

Good news.  Margaret will be coming out of hospital and returning home on December 4th!

Yorkshire League Round 3

Round 3 was not as good for us as the previous two rounds have been but our A team is to be congratulated on a win and the E team drew their match. The full results can be seen on the YCBA website - then click onto Yorkshire League, then Match 3. The current rank order for each division can also be found there. The next match is for the E team only and will take place on December 15th.


Our Christmas Celebration this year will be on Wednesday 18th December.

We're starting at 6.00 p.m. with wine and nibbles and there will be bridge to follow!    

All members welcome.   It's certain to be a great evening!!

Bradford Bridge Club Committee

Could you volunteer and be nominated as a member of our Committee?

We would like to recruit more people so that their ideas and suggestions can be heard and used to benefit the club.

New club members and more long-standing members will be very welcome.  Being a Committee member need not be onerous.  The amount of time you are able to commit will be entirely up to you.  No-one will be expected to do more than they wish.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Susan Hoyle, our Secretary, who will always be very willing to answer your queries.

The closing date for nominations is Monday 30th December 2019

Yorkshire League Round 2

The second round of the Yorkshire League took place on 10th November with resounding successes for our top three teams.  The D and E teams played well but unfortunately lost in this particular match  - better luck next time!.  Results were as follows:-


Bradford A v Doncaster  A    Won 16-4


Bradford B v Hull B           Won  20-0


Bradford C  v  Ilkley D       Won 12-8


Bradford D v Wakefield  D  Lost 6-14


Bradford  E v Keighley E     Lost 4-16


The next match is on December 1st.

North Eastern Bridge Association Success

Congratulations to Stuart Davies who, playing with a partner from Manchester, came second out of 68 pairs in the NEBA Swiss pairs event held on 2 November.  On the following day Stuart's team was first - with 33 teams competing.  Both were great results!


We are very short of players in the Thursday afternoon drives and it would be much appreciated if you could come along and support Ray and his group.

The afternoons are attended by players of varying standards and everyone will be very welcome.

You won't need a partner, because, not only does Ray run the drive, he always acts as host too.

Please come!

Special Dates Coming Up

Monday 9th December
Evening : Jackpot Match Pointed Pairs - Round 5

Wednesday 11th December
Evening ; Club Championship Pairs Event - Mixed Pairs

Monday 16th December
Evening : Yorkshire Championship - Yorkshire Cup Qualifier (not handicap event and no additional charge)

Wednesday 25th December
Evening : Jackpot Match Pointed Pairs - Round 6

Are You Studying in Bradford?

How about an evening away from the textbooks while still exercising your intellect with a game of Bridge?


You don't play? We could teach you.


Students are welcome in the club and you would benefit from a discounted table fee.


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