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Evening Drives


There is a Host System operating for Monday and Wednesday evening sessions and for the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon drives. So even if you do not have a partner you can still come along and be sure of a game on these occasions.


The host system does not operate on week 3 Mondays, this being a teams night.


If you would be willing to volunteer for a place on the host rota please speak to Jessie Dent (Mondays), Ray Foster (Tuesdays and Thursdays) or Susan Hoyle (Wednesdays) or leave a message for them at the bar.

Next hosts:
Monday, 26th March 2018
Mark Armitage
Tuesday, 27th March 2018
Ray Foster
Wednesday, 28th March 2018
Harry Hoyle
Thursday, 29th March 2018
Ray Foster
Monday, 2nd April 2018
Georgina Wooler


Tue & Thu Afternoons.

Mon, Wed & Thu Evenings.



A list of Club keyholders can be viewed via the link in the members lounge.

Latest Club News

Celebrate Peter's Birthday

Peter Smith would like you to join him on Saturday 7th April 2018 at 1.30pm when he celebrates his 80th birthday.

Enjoy a game of Bridge and indulge in a glass of wine with cheese.

You could win a CASH PRIZE!!

Please sign the list in the Tea Room if you would like to come.

HandicapTeams Championship

Congratulations to Stuart, George, Gill and Steve. They won the Handicap Teams Championship by a massive margin. Very well played!!

A Word From Our Chairman

Mark has asked us to display the following message:


"Just a note to thank all those members who helped to clear the club car park of snow on the Sunday of the last Yorkshire League matches. I know it was much appreciated by all of our opponents attending the club that day. Brilliant work."


Here also is the text of 2 emails we received:


"Can I, on behalf of Huddersfield Bridge Club, thank the members of Bradford Bridge Club for their outstanding hospitality yesterday.

Their efforts in clearing the car park of snow and ice were nothing short of heroic, and we were very well looked after before and during the matches.

Kind Regards

Patrick Trevanion"


"I would like to thank you and other members of Bradford bridge club for clearing the car park and ramp and carrying my wheelchair up the stairs.

it's getting too difficult for me and I can't go to Huddersfield B C because of the steps so don't know whether I will be seeing you in the future unless maybe I get a couple of new hips.



Thanks to all involved.

The New Pairs Champions

Liz Brown and Joyce Carey won the Ladies' Championship Pairs competition on March 14th. Mark Armitage and Harry Hoyle won the Men's.  Full details can be seen by clicking onto the Results tab on the Club website.  Congratulations to both pairs!

Pro-Am Evening League Update

Six of the seven rounds are now complete and team Berry now lead by 1VP from team Winter/Logan. The previous leaders, team Jagger, have dropped to third some 6VP behind the second placed team. A further 4VP behind them come team Donaldson.


So an exciting finale in prospect in the final round to be played on 3rd April 2018.


All results and the league table can be view using the link on the results page.

YCBA Inter-City League - Match Day 7


Scores from 4th March 2018.

Bradford 'A'       7   13 Huddersfield 'A'
Bradford 'B'       8   12 Huddersfield 'B'
Huddersfield 'C'       P     P Bradford 'C'
Bradford 'D'     12     8 Brighouse 'D'
Bradford 'E'     12     8 Keighley 'E'


A disappointing end to the season. Our 'B' team are definitely relegated and only the most unlikely outcome of a postponed game in Division 1 can save the 'A' team from the same fate.


Our 'C' team match was sidelined by a combination of weather and a late injury to one of the team. They have a theoretical chance of promotion but will require specific outcomes from the two remaining fixtures in their Division.


The 'D' team finished fourth in their Division and the 'E' team fell into the bottom half of the same Division. These two teams had the best performances in todays matches.


Thanks to everyone who turned out to venues all over Yorkshire during Autumn and Winter, especially in todays weather.  And a huge thanks to all those who rallied round to produce the refreshments for the home fixtures.


Let's hope for bigger and better things next year.


The final league tables can be viewed on the YCBA website.

The '100' Club

Soon, Morris Brown will be asking members if they would like to take part in the '100' Club this year.

This is a fund-raising venture which, not only contributes revenue for Bradford Bridge Club, but also provides a very pleasant monetary surprise for the winners of the weekly draws.

In 2017 £950 was collected, of which £500 was paid out in Prize money and £450 went into club funds.

Your support for the '100' Club in 2018 would be greatly appreciated.

Special Dates Coming Up

Saturday 24th March
Club Closed (Clocks go forward one hour over night Sat/Sun)

Wednesday 28th March
Evening : Jackpot Match Pointed Pairs - Round 12

Tuesday 3rd April
Evening : Pro-Am Evening League - Match 7

Monday 9th April
Evening : Jackpot Match Pointed Pairs - Round 13

Wednesday 11th April
Evening : Club Championship Pairs Event - Haslock Trophy (Restricted event - See diary)

Are You Studying in Bradford?

How about an evening away from the textbooks while still exercising your intellect with a game of Bridge?


You don't play? We could teach you.


Students are welcome in the club and you would benefit from a discounted table fee.


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