Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 11:32pm




Wednesday, 18th May 2022
New Website


The Club is currently trialling a new website - we'll let you all know when it is up and running and give everyone details of how to access it.

In the meantime. notices will be posted on here as usual.

Thursday, 28th April 2022
The 100 Club

The Club runs a popular 100 Club which gives participating members a chance to win a prize and also raises some money for the bridge club


Members donate £10 each and, on a Monday evening, a name is drawn to see who has won.  In a normal draw  the prize is £10 but on the first Monday in the month the prize is £20 and there are bonus prizes at Christmas. If you would like to join in please see Morris Brown or leave a note for him behind the bar.  The first draw of the new season will be on May 2nd.

Saturday, 9th April 2022
Recent EBU Promotions

Congratulations to the following two Bradford members on their recent EBU promotions.


Norma Bennett       District Master


Sandra Andrews     3 *  Master


Well done to both

Sunday, 27th February 2022
John Dickson's Funeral



John's funeral will be  held at Nab Wood on Thursday March 10th at 10.10 a.m.

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022
John Dickson Obituary


John Maitland Dickson, 02-09-1950 to 18-02-2022.


John was born in Glasgow and grew up there. He moved to Bradford after university in 1973 and that was when he joined Bradford Bridge club. He worked at that time for the Yorkshire Water authority on engineering projects and spent a year in Qatar whilst in their employ. In the late 70s he left to start work in computers, where he worked until his retirement in 2010. He wrote the first scoring system for the club in 1987 which lasted until 1998, and he was instrumental in providing a web site for the club which is still in use today.


John was the club Chairman for 16 years between 1993 and 2009. During that time, one of his many achievements for the Club was to instigate publication of the club magazine, “The Kibbitzer”. He produced this once every two months or so for about 15 years.


He met his wife Pauline in 1985 and they moved in together to live in Roundwood in 1988 where he lived for the remainder of his life. He and Pauline married in 2003 to make their union official.


He played regularly in the Bradford A team in the Yorkshire league and was a member of the winning team on several occasions and he also played for Yorkshire on several occasions with partners Graham Cheater, Chris Wilding, and Stuart Davies.


He was always a regular on Friday evenings before the club decided it could not sustain a Friday drive.


John made national news during one Yorkshire League match. He was playing with me and we had just reached a contract of 6H which he was playing. The lead was made and I put down the dummy. Then waited for him to play a card from dummy. After a minute or so, I could see him turning white and I asked him if he was OK. “My hip’s slipped” was his answer (he had had an artificial hip since shortly after returning from Qatar). Fortunately we had Victor Roman playing that day, and he was an orthopaedic consultant. So we cleared one of the trestle tables which had had the food on it for the half time break, which had just gone, and a few of us helped John onto this. He knew what to do, just didn’t have the strength to do it himself. Anyway, Victor yanked at one of his legs. No says John. So he had another go. No says John. So Victor tried the other leg. Yep, that’s it says John and he promptly got up and went back to the table to play his contract. Which he made by the way. This was reported in the Sunday Telegraph and a few other papers the following week.


John will be sadly missed by everybody who knew him.


Stuart Davies

Saturday, 19th February 2022
John Dickson


With much regret indeed we have to tell you that John Dickson, both a former Chairman and Vice-President, died on 18th February 2022, after a long illness.


An obituary will be put onto the website soon.